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Cookies are small files which are sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard disc. Whenever you visit D-aventura and unless you elect not to receive cookies then your computer will store and identifying code in the cookie which may mean you do not need to type in your email address each time you return to the site. Other than this, we do not store your password or any other inforemaion in the cookie or use it for any other purpose.


¿What type of Cookie does this web page use?

Third-party cookie providers are as follows:
(Third-party cookies are those that are sent to the terminal user's computer from a machine or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that processes data obtained from cookies)


Google Analytics

By accessing any part of the web site
To make usage statistics Website Google Analytics cookies are used. The objective is to know the extent of recurrent visitors and content that are most interesting. This way you can concentrate efforts on improving the most visited areas and cause the user to more easily find what they are looking for.
The Web site details visit to conduct assessments and statistical calculations on anonymous data can be used, and to ensure continuity of service or to make improvements to their websites.
For more information see the link below the Google privacy policy []


Google Maps

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Two cookies (PREF i NID) established by persistent applications managed by Google Maps and Google.
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Revocation and deleting cookies

You can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by setting your browser options installed on your computer, if that does not allow the use of cookies in your browser may be unable to access any of the sections our website.
In the following links, the management of cookies is explained for different web browsers:


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More information on cookies and their policy

You can get more information on cookies at the following links:

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